Air Conditioning is Sexist — h3h3 reaction video

Have you ever been slightly uncomfortable and decided to go to the news?

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  1. Dumb internet feminism makes women feel like a helpless victim all the time
    instead of just putting on a goddam sweater like an adult.

  2. I was molested by air conditioning when I was 10. It raped me with its cool
    breeze, now I live life in fear everyday because someone might turn it back
    on, and the abuse will start again. I am a survivor.

  3. Air Conditioners can’t cause colds because cold air can’t cause sickness.
    That’s a misconception. People are so dumb

  4. If you make it warmer though doesn’t that discriminate against the women
    going through menopause? That’s sexist and ageist!

  5. Yikes the fact that she actually thought she was actually doing something
    to improve society and shit is embarrassing

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