Buxton’s Bat is Heating Up! – MLB The Show 18 Franchise | Ep.94

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Atop the AL Central the Twins continue today as we take on the Brewers. We’re trying to build momentum into the trade deadline to hopefully become buyers, and fuel a playoff run.

Welcome to MLB The Show 18 and my Minnesota Twins Franchise Mode series. The Twins have always been my favorite baseball team since I was a kid. Now, I’m rebuilding them in MLB 17 in Franchise Mode. We will be developing this team, hopefully drafting future stars, making key trades, making the right free agent choices, all while following the Twins and their minor league baseball teams as we look to bring the Twins back to the World Series.

These videos will advance the story of the Franchise, as we focus on key games during the season, highlight important players, show highlights including big home runs, strike outs, walk off wins, and all the action that goes on during the season. We will even spend time with our AAA and AA teams and watch players that could help turn our organization around.

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Here on my MrHurriicane channel I focus on football and baseball gaming videos and series. I play Madden 18, MLB The Show 18 and NCAA 14 and my series revolve around building teams in Franchise and Dynasty mode. My series have exciting gameplay and commentary and I try to keep things fairly realistic. I love seeing teams grow and how new players can take teams to a championship level. Check out more of my content and see which series you enjoy.

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