DIY- Troubleshooting No Air Conditioning

Your favorite DIYer returns from prolonged absence to troubleshoot an air conditioning problem that would have caused Scotty’s typical minions to dump $20 right into the ozone layer before they even got a clue.


  1. This was a great repair as always. I was about to see how exactly you
    troubleshooted and diagnose the problem. I would like to watch a video on
    certain vehicle which is using scan tool to repair the air conditioner. I
    don’t know what exactly the scan tool is doing in air conditioner repair
    process but I saw a few guys using that on some specific make and model air
    conditioners. If you have idea, please explain and if you may upload a
    video sometime when you encounter to one that would be a great help.

  2. I have also used the Devo Diagnostic Technique (DDT) as a problem solving
    guide for automotive issues. Nice success on the repair Matt

  3. This kind of detective work on a car is almost always fun, and it sure
    makes a helpful video. Nicely done.
    Matt, just ignore the trolls and haters. By spending so much of your our
    time responding to trolls on followup videos, you’re letting them plan the
    agenda for future recordings. Most of us don’t need to hear it, and your
    videos will be faster, cleaner and better.

  4. Please answer this: So how did a wire get *cut* “while sitting at a
    stoplight”? Sounds and smells to me. I retired from the “repair” market
    years ago- for reasons of cheap, stupid people wanting free work- or trying
    to haggle my worth, or just plain lying to my face. I don’t blame you one

  5. nice my ac not working watching ya video has got me motivated to fix mine
    as soon as i done my boll-joints thanks ya good inspiring thanks

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