How to Find a Short (HVAC)

How to find a low voltage short in your HVAC equipment. If your 3 amp fuse keeps blowing when you turn your air conditioner or furnace on and you can’t figure out why.. This video will help you narrow it down and find the problem. I mentioned and showed a couple small tools in the video. If you are wondering how you can find them, here’s some Amazon links you can use:

Mini Circuit Breaker – 3 amp:
Lil Popper:
Short Pro Tool:
Alligator Jumpers:
Magnetic Jumper:
UEI DL369 Meter:
3 Amp Fuses:

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Here is a list of parts and tools that you can use as reference:

AC Parts:

1 Pole 30 Amp Contactor:
2 Pole 30 Amp Contactor:
SPP6 Hard Start Kit:
30+5 MFD Capacitor:
35+5 MFD Capacitor:
40+5 MFD Capacitor:
45+5 MFD Capacitor:
50+5 MFD Capacitor:
Qwiklug Compressor Wire Repair Kit:
3 Amp Fuses:
1/4 HP Blower Motor:
1/3 HP Blower Motor:
1/2 HP Blower Motor:
3/4 HP Blower Motor:
FM55 Blower Motor Bracket:
5 MFD Capacitor:
10 MFD Capacitor:
15 MFD Capacitor:
30 Amp Disconnect Fuses:
25 Amp Disconnect Fuses:
20 Amp Disconnect Fuses:


The Best Flashlight:
UEI Multi Meter:
The Best Drill:
Magnetic Drill Bit Set:
Motor Hub Puller:
Amprobe Psychrometer:
UEI Dual Manometer:
Multi Tool Wire Stripper:
Magnetic Nut Drivers:
Knipex Cobra Pliers:
2 Piece Crescent Wrench Set:
14 Inch Pipe Wrench:
Magnetic Tray:
Screw Drivers:
Stubby 6 in 1 Ratcheting Screw Driver:
Stubby Magnetic Nut Drivers:
Fuse Puller:
Flexible Drill Bit Holder:
Long Drill Bit Extension:
Angled Drill Bit Holder:
Drill Bit Extensions:
UEI Temp Probe:
Zoom Spout Oiler:
Hex Key Set:
DeWalt Drill Set:
Wire Connectors Set:
Wire Nut Set:
Voltage Pen:
Pocket Extendable Mirror:
Magnetic Jumpers:
Mini Alligator Jumpers:
ECM Service Tool:
Klein Step Drill Bit #15:
Color Coded Snippers 3pc:

Refrigeration/Air Conditioner Tools:

R22 and R410 Refrigerant Gauges:
High Side Replacement Gauge:
Low Side Replacement Gauge:
R410a Refrigerant 25lb:
Refrigeration Wrench With Hex Bit:
Tube Cutter 1/4-inch to 1-1/8-inch:
Tube Cutter 1/4-inch to 2-5/8-inch:
SuperCool Slide Rule:
Ball Valve Refrigerant Hose Set:
Low Loss Refrigerant Hose Set:
HVAC Fish Scale:

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