1. I have a condo, my ac unit is a package unit on my roof. I’m sick of fixing the old one, and my HOA says its rusted out and causing the roof to leak. So, I guess it’s time to replace it, and I’m not sure what to buy. I’ve been told I’m looking for a 2.5 ton electric ac, gas heater unit. Anything you can recommend as far as the package ac/heat units go? Thanks!

  2. You are so right on. I bought a new spec house that had a builder’s grade Freidrich air conditioner. That unit lasted 14 years on the Texas coast and it was the heater plenum that cracked that forced the replacement. So, I replaced it with an expensive Lenox high efficiency unit. I was smart enough to get the 10 warranty because every component in that unit had been replaced in the 7 years that I owned it. It was nothing but trouble and couldn’t keep up with heat load or the humidity.

  3. My twin Rheem Corsaire ‘ s (2. ton) heatpump ran for 17 years with nothing major. Nice install and routine maintenence kept them running.

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