Ice Cooling Loop: RIP JayzTwoCents (2080 Ti SLI World Record)

While JayzTwoCents has reveled in his golden bin everything, we insulated blocks vs. condensation and dunked radiators in 50 pounds of ice.
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We spent three days on this. Jay went with “exotic cooling” by attaching an AC unit to his bench, which is definitely clever. We had to get our thermals lower than his to even hope to compete, as his chips seem to hold higher frequencies. For this goal, we got a 78QT cooler and dumped ice into it, then buried a 560mm EK radiator and 360mm Thermaltake radiator in the ice. We used a pond pump (courtesy of Richiec77) to displace the warmed water. We don’t have many options left after this, but it’s moving more toward XOC.

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Host, Testing: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman

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