Off Grid Alternative to Air Conditioning? Making a Whole House Fan From a Radiator Fan

Off Grid Alternative to Air Conditioning? Making a Whole House Fan From a Radiator Fan – The title is pretty much what this video is about. I use a 24 volt truck radiator and wire it up to a 3 way DC switch so I can turn it off from the kitchen area or in the loft. I put in pretty pictures of butterflies flowers and some of the past projects. All of this happens inside a remote off grid cabin in the wilderness that we are building on this channel. We test out the fan and 3 way switches to make sure they work. Thank you, hope you enjoyed this video.

Stuff I use in this video:

Affordable 12V fan
Expensive 24v fan I bought:
Wago Wire Nuts:
Wire Crimper:
Jumbo Pack of Assorted Fuses:
Book on Wiring:
12/24 Volt DC LED Bulbs:
Blue Sea DC Fuse Block:
12/24 Volt DC USB charger:
Hightec Solar Panels:
Victron Charge Controller:


:26 Plan for the day
:34 Unboxing the 24 Volt Radiator Fan
1:02 Boxing in the fan
3:29 Putting on insect screen and hardware cloth
5:09 Drilling and Pulling Carlon Conduit (Smurf Conduit)
6:50 Cutting the hole in the wall
8:10 putting in the fan
8:50 Wiring the fan to a 3 way switch
9:24 Pulling wire
10:04 Wiring the first switch
11:58 Making connections at the fuse block
12:53 Wiring the second switch
14:49 Making connections at the fan
15:38 Installing the 15 amp fuse
15:52 Testing both switches
16:16 Explaining how a whole house fan works
17:21 Pictures of nature and the cabin


  1. a little on the loud side but it should get the job done thanks for sharing and please have a great weekend as well

  2. Great idea to use the radiator fan, a little box build and wiring and you have an awesome attic fan. Although you probably won’t leave it running for extended periods? You definitely know when it’s running.
    Appreciate the smurf reference with the tubing, gave me a good chuckle. Always look forward to your weekend video post.

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