2017 Chinese PLA Type 09 Self-Heating Meal Menu 3 Chicken Fried Rice 中式09型自热餐 *Short Version*

December 10, 2018 admin 0

See the full length version here: Join gschultz9 on Facebook: www.facebook.com/gschultz9 Here’s a very truncated version of my review of a 2017 Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Type 09 Self-Heating Meal. This one is Menu No.3, Chicken Fried Rice. Because I edited the video to be as short as possible there IS going to be a lot of unevenness in the audio and a lot of choppiness in the video. As far as the ration, the only issue with this one was that the small pouch of “Spicy Sauce” had a small leak in the seal. It still seemed to…


Triple Dams Heating Freezing Citizens! – Cities: Skylines ❄️Project Dam Snow!❄️#7

December 10, 2018 admin 0

Let’s Play Cities Skylines Project Dam, now with added snow! 🙂 ➤Buy Cities Skylines Industries via my Affiliate link & support the channel: ➤Want a District or Park Named after you? Support me on Patreon: – ➤Join My Discord: – ➤Where to FOLLOW Me: – Indie Games: – Strategy: – Minecraft: – Twitter: @biffa2001 – Livestream: ➤Mods & Assets List for this series: ➤Sawana Lau Islands Map by Ecania: ➤Logo: PLAYLISTS: ➤Cities Skylines Project Dam Snow: TBC ➤Cities Skylines Industries: ➤Cities Skylines Real Time: ➤Cities Skylines Parklife: ➤Cities Skylines Maximum Disasters: ➤Cities Skylines Green Cities: ➤Cities Skylines Gameplay Mass Transit:…


Surviving Winter Storm RV Camper Van Heating Power Prius Generator Inverter Batteries Prepping Warm

December 9, 2018 admin 0

Hit by a winter storm and wanted to show how my RV Ambulance Camper is surviving the storm in comfort and warmth with the assistance of my Toyota Prius used as a efficient generator.I show my water system, refrigerator system, heating system and power system and how I use them to provide a comfortable safe place to survive a winter storm. Amazon Quick Links: Kindred Sink Kit: Flojet Pump (03526-144A): Water Tank: Dometic Fridge CXF-28: Other videos: Camper Toilet Review: Make Slide-outs for Cabinets: Dealing with Condesation: Prius Camper Build: Ambulance Camper Build:


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – Does The 2018 Have Battery Heating

December 9, 2018 admin 0

I am 100% positive the 2018 has an electric heater. That is fact. The heater will heat the cabin to 20 C without engine running. The question is; Does this heater heat the battery compartment? If it does, is it through radiation and cabin heat transfer? ( I am going to say no…and the test bares this out). Does it heat through the water exchanger system that heats the cabin? Possibly. Lets take a test drive and see if we can heat the battery. In the end we got some results. However more testing is needed to figure this out.


EXTREME CPU Cooler Test | Water + Air Coolers Vs. GAS FURNACE!

December 9, 2018 admin 0

What will happen when you try to cool down extremely hot gas furnace with regular CPU coolers? We tested water cooling kit, heat pipe cooler and regular heat sink cooler until failure. Will coolers explode or melt? Watch the video with thermal camera shots to find out


Donald Scott: Is Mysterious South Polar Heating Electrical? | Space News

December 8, 2018 admin 0

A new scientific paper attempts to explain a mystery at our planet’s South Pole. A team of investigators from the British Antarctic Survey discovered a localized area where the Antarctic Ice sheet is melting “unexpectedly quickly.” Using radar, they found that some of the ice in a three kilometer thick layer appears to be missing. They have proposed that the heat source causing the melting is “unusually radioactive rocks,” combined with unusually hot water from deep underground. We asked retired Professor Dr. Donald Scott if the cause of the mysterious ice melting is in fact an incoming Birkeland current at…

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