Raspberry Pi 4: More Active Cooling!

Raspberry Pi 4 cooling with Pimoroni Fan SHIM, 52Pi ICE Tower Cooler, and Noctua 40mm fan in 3D printed mount. Includes Sysbench CPU stress tests, and comparison of results with passive cooling in my earlier “Raspberry Pi 4 Cooling” video:

The Fan SHIM and ICE Tower Cooler featured in this video were supplied by Pimoroni and 52Pi for review, but this is not a sponsored video.

The Pimoroni Fan SHIM is on their website here:

And the Pirmoroni Pi 4 Pibow Coupe 4 case is on their website here:

The 52Pi ICE Tower Cooler is on their website here:

The ICE Tower can also be purchased from Seeed Studio here:

The Noctua AF NF-A4x20, 40x20mm 5V fan used in my own 3D printed mount can be found on Amazon.com here — and on Amazon.co.uk here: (affiliate links).

The STL files for my 3D printable mount can be found on Thingiverse here:

You can also access the CAD on Tinkercad – the top is here: and base here: Or go to and search for explainingcomputers. Do note that you want the Pi 4B top, not the Pi 1B 2B 3B top. 🙂

To put everything together, you will need 4 x M2 25mm bolts an 4x M2 nuts to fix the Pi in the mount (or 20mm bolts if you just use the top portion), as well as 4 x M3 15mm (or longer) bolts and 4 x M3 nuts to position the fan (well, you could get away with just two nuts and bolts).

To power a Noctua fan, you will also need to wire up two jumper leads to plug into the Pi. I personally often buy a pack like this: and then cut them up as required in different projects.

More videos on single board computers and broader computing topics can be found on the ExplainingComputers channel:

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