1. Just amazes me how eclectic you and your sons knowledge is. Would have loved growing up in your household.

  2. 6:37 Snow outside, the voigt tube speakers aren’t completed yet. Looks like this video has been in the works for some time.

  3. In place of the bio-balls or wadded up plastic bottles you can use plastic dish scrubbing pads from the dollar store. There’s even more surface area in those than with the bio-balls. I’ve used them to make bio-filters for aquaponics when I raised tilapia.

  4. Meanwhile, Youtube promotes stupid, dangerous and useless lifehack videos…

    Instead of this masterpiece.

  5. Anyone aspiring to build or experiment with non-closed loop air conditioning systems in residential areas need to be aware of the dangers of microbial growth including legionnaires’ disease which can be fatal.

  6. An interesting take on a bong cooler. People use to use those to overclock computers at sub-ambient temperatures. They just used falling water or a mist nozzle. I think you might want to try using a piezoelectric device to vaporize the water.

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