Solar Air Conditioning WORKS

Our Solar Air conditioner setup has been working solidly for about a month now. We avg a 15′ temperature difference nearly every time we use it. We have also been able to charge our battery bank every time we run it as well! Here are our thoughts, and tips for any one looking to run an AC in a camper off solar.

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  1. We just bought all of our Solar, It’s getting installed the end of July. WE are excited, Cant wait to get out and camp for free !

  2. Good usable info, solid video and I was able to extract some real “what can you power with solar” information. Thank you sir, well done.

  3. looks good to me 🙂 we want to add a 400 watt AC to our 13′ Scamp, will need a gen to run it though. Glad that’s working out for y’all.

  4. BATTERY SOLUTION: Install 3000 watts of panels, buy a marine 1 1/2 ton chiller unit with a water to air cooling coil, a 250 gallon plastic tank(w/insulation blanket) for 33 degree chilled water STORAGE, and make a cheap cooler towing out of PVC.
    This will not work too good for a portable system unless you installed it all on a trailer and towed it with you. Ha HA, BUT it would work great for cooling during the day and night with a minimum batteries. Fans and tiny pumps are the only thing running at night. Your Battery is the 250 gallon chilled water. No need to run the compressor because you will have enough chilled water mass to keep you nice and cool throughout the night. If you had a house boat this system would be easy – no cooling tower needed – only insulated water tank that could be floating along side or built into the boat design.

  5. Looks like to me that it works CONGRATS. I’d put 2 more batteries , 2 more panels and either a 10k unit or 2 6k btu units. Why not it’s free juice!

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